Why shoot in 35,

if you can shoot in 37…

This is service.

From popping a camera in a van and going at it in guerrilla style in a small town of Bumblefuck Spain; to shooting with a Russian Arm in a ten-van-running-block through the streets of Barcelona. We will meet your needs and adapt to your budget. Dare us!

In this post-pandemic era we understand the trauma sustained by traveling. We have a focus on Live Stream services where your client can capture the essence of the shooting without leaving their office.

We take care of the whole production process – from concept to budgeting all the way through shooting and post-production.

We are a team of skilled and creative people, eager to produce the most exceptional audio-visual content for your needs with the best teams the audiovisual market can offer.

Just contact us and see how quick we respond.

Commercials, Video-clips, Fiction, Events… Dare us to do anything!

We enjoy meeting new people

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